July 22, 2018


Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet, Kenya

What's about event

Iten is not only the home of the best elite distance Kenyan runners including an amazing array of Olympic medalists and world record holders but it has also become the top international training Centre for elite runners from all over the world.

Iten Marathon is OUR race. It's a race which puts our city on the map and which attracts runners from all over Kenya and the world to come to Iten. The Iten Marathon is all about promoting health, fitness, economic growth, cultural depth, and plain old-fashioned excitement in our community. It is also about using OUR platform to benefit the world at large in very positive ways through charitable and humanitarian activities.


Donation / Our charity partner

Marathons have become huge supporters of worthwhile charitable causes, and Iten marathon will be no exception. The Iten marathon aims at providing strong support to We for Girls, it's key partner charity seeking to create awareness on the dangers of FGM and put an end to this brutal and archaic practice.

Results 2016

Position Male Female
Name Result Name Result
1 Evans Kipkemboi Biwott 2:16:02 Joan Kigen 2:34:55
2 Evans Sambu 2:16:13 Jane Chelagat Seurei 2:36:42
3 Shadrack Kipkogei Tanui 2:16:37 Purity Kimetto Kangongo 2:37:27
4 Methew Kemboi 2:17:09 Truphena Chepchirchir 2:38:32
5 Nicholas Kipchumba Rop 2:17:15 Gladies Jerotich Kibiwott 2:39:31
6 Mand Korir Lokwanamai 2:17:26 Loice Jebet Kiptoo 2:39:41
7 Sammy Kiprop Kiptoo 2:17:39 Rose Maru 2:40:01
8 Douglas Chebii 2:18:20 Hilda Cheboi 2:46:33
9 Wesley Langat Sotik 2:18:43 Sophie Jebiwott 2:46:45
10 Simon Kapkirum 2:18:54 Sheila Kiplagat Jepkemoi 2:47:10
11 Alex Cheruiyot 2:19:08 Pamela Cheyach Anisomuk 2:47:21
12 Bernard Kimaiyo 2:19:31 Sheila Chepkelh 2:48:54
13 not identified 2:19:50 Viola Yator 2:48:54
14 Felix Kangongo 2:19:52 unknown 2:50:50
15 Henry Kosgei Kibet 2:19:58 Shelmeth Muriuki 2:51:29
16 Wesley Kipyego 2:20:23 Isabella Jepchumba 2:53:35
17 Erikyok William Ekai 2:20:28 Celestine Jepchumba Kemei 2:54:35
18 Birmin Korir 2:20:29 Lilian Chelimo 2:56:00
19 Alex Kipkorir Bartilol 2:20:31 Eileen Jepngetich Korir 2:58:13
20 Moses Kipngeno 2:20:44 Rosaline David 2:58:20

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Position Male Femalex
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Position Male Female
Name Result Name Result
1 Gideon Kipketer 1:04:50 Eunice Chebichi 1:14:09
2 Victor Kipchirchir Rotich 1:05:00 Gladys Jepkorir Chesir 1:14:12
3 Isaack Kipkoech 1:05:01 Valary Jemeli Aiyabei 1:14:39
4 Mathew Kimutai 1:05:16 Lydia Orango 1:16:09
5 Boaz Kipyego 1:05:21 Beatrice Jepkorir Rutto 1:17:05
6 Kipkesio Elphas 1:05:23 Brillian Jepkorir Kipkoech 1:17:07
7 Frederick Kipyegon Koech 1:05:43 Jackline Atodonyang 1:17:39
8 Hosea Mwok 1:05:59 Hellena Chepkurgat 1:17:46
9 Henry Kiprop 1:06:01 Joan Aiyabei 1:17:51
10 Stephen Kiprotich 1:06:08 Peris Jerono Lagat 1:17:56
11 Vincent Yator 1:06:14 Alice Serser 1:18:14
12 Meshalk Kiprop Koech 1:06:38 Pamela Jemeli 1:18:18
13 Sammy Kigen Korir 1:06:49 Pascalia Kipkoech 1:18:38
14 Vestus Chemjor Cheboi 1:06:53 Jeniffer Koech Chelagat 1:18:58
15 Hillary Chirchir 1:07:06 Elizabeth Chepkanan Rumokol 1:19:05
16 Philip Kiprono 1:07:07 Nancy Kimaiyo 1:19:15
17 unknown 1:07:11 Naomi Jepkosgei Maiyo 1:19:21
18 Asbel Kipsang 1:07:13 Carolyne Komen 1:19:35
19 Daniel Kiprotich 1:07:15 Nancy Koech 1:20:03
20 unknown 1:07:20 Sheila Jerotich 1:20:04

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Position Male Female
Name Result Name Result

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Event FAQS / find your answers

Travelling to Iten by road or by air and finding a great place to stay is easy with our travel partners. Find out how to make a trip in comfort

Links to our partners coming soon

Iten has several hotels & guest houses. Info on rates and booking from our partners coming soon.

All international athletes are requested to contact Iten Marathon: for accomodation arrangement

Volunteer / Do you want to help make the Iten Marathon a huge success?

The Iten Marathon requires hundreds of dedicated volunteers to make the race a truly premier event. Volunteers play an essential role before, during, and after the race, doing everything from transporting International / elite runners from the airport to providing sports drinks and support on race day. There is a wide variety of exciting volunteer opportunities from which to choose, so please sign up today!

If you are interested in volunteering with us for 2016, please send an email to and we'll keep you on the list of volunteers.

Thanks again very much!

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